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Let us create our own future

by Kalpana Jaggi on February 17th, 2011

A lot of times we all get one “question” in our mind: What do we do with our future? As long as our health is fine we only have two choices:
(i) We can just choose to survive and keep doing what ever we have been doing forever or just choose to do nothing


(ii) we can choose to do something to be effective and succeed and share our success or money or time with others around us.

To be effective in our lives we need to know that:
(a) We all are uniques and special,
(b) we just need to enlarge our vision,
(c) retrain our brain,
(d) attract the good around us,
(e) engage in positive and meaningful relationships
(f) believe in ourselves,
(g) plan all the details,
(g) move out of our comfort zone,
(h) let go of the past
and most important
(i) stay away from negative influences

In case we choose to do something to be effective and to succeed, we need to commit to some focused goals. Anything is possible because inside of all of us there is a huge untapped potential at all phases of our life. As we grow older we have wisdom that we can share with young people. And for the young people their is a whole world of possibilities waiting for them to make choices.

Lets choose carefully what do we want to do with our lives; We only have one life to live….!!

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