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by natashaxx on January 17th, 2011


Just a word, till someone comes along and gives it meaning.

Until then, don’t misuse it.

Four letters, worth 1 million smiles, tears, and regrets.

Leave before being left.

Listen but do not believe.

Kiss, but do not feel.

Anyone who is worth it, will do everything in their power to change that.

Love is an emotion much too overrated for teenagers.

Heartbreak is an emotion that describes teenagers.

The hearts you are drawing on your paper, don’t mean anything.

Do you really think they are thinking about you?

They aren’t.

Do you really think they are contemplating whether to text you right now or not?

They’re not.

Do you believe that somehow, someway, they will fall in love with you?

They won’t.

They aren’t your Nemo.

If it happens it happens.

If they cheated on you, it doesn’t mean there Is something wrong with you.

If you are single, it doesn’t mean you are ugly.

They just weren’t worth it.

So forget about them.

Live in the moment.

Have no regrets.

Because at one point, that was exactly what you wanted to do.

You are just a teenager. A teenager who is trying to find love.

So experiment, laugh, date, try and find who you are.

Maybe you’re weird.

Then maybe, just maybe, you’ll find another person who is just as weird.

That is love.

Love is when you find a person with mutual weirdness.

Then don’t worry about “what if’s”, and just smile because reality is better than your dreams.

You will know when it is real when;

You don’t have to worry about being left.

You believe every single word they say.

And your kisses are full of real passion.

It’s just one word, until someone comes along and gives it meaning.


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